Digital Character Artist, Gamer, Animator, and Cafe Owner

1. Who's Serpentriss?IRL; She is a black university student trying to be an animator and create her very own animated series. She's awfully shy, timid, and cannot start a conversation to save her life. However, she aims to be an influencer someday since she can be very quick-witted and funny.

2. What's a "Serpentriss"?
Serpentriss means "mother or mistress of serpents". Triss has an affinity with serpents such as quick reflexes and doesn't like the cold. She resembles a boa anaconda snake, she's not venomous.

3. How old is Triss?
She's in her mid 20's

4. What's Triss opinion on art theft and NFT's?
They are horrible! Any art theft or NFT occurrence with Triss will be dealt with swift punishment. You've been warned...

5. Where does she live?
she lives in Myth Town, NA where she owns a cafe with her close friends